Monday, May 21, 2007

Another Sane OSG

I'm embarassingly remiss in not adding John McArthur to the Storage Sanity Hall of Fame and adding his blog at Walden Technology Partners to the Storage Sanity Blog Roll. John is a prince. I was excited to hear his plans to start out on his own this year from IDC. If you are attempting to start a storage company, or import a storage company into the U.S. market from abroad, call John. If you are lucky enough to get his attention and convince him you are "worthy" (and I say that with respect, John) of his time and effort, you will be hooking your wagon to a star. I wish I could have found a resource of his caliber in terms of strategic depth of thought, rolodex, and common sense for one or two of my storage startups. You can be sure, if I ever start from scratch again, he will be among my first phone calls.


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