Friday, February 27, 2009

Brickbats and Bright Shirts

First off, thanks to Chris Mellor for 'encouraging' me to get back to StorageSanity. It is nice to be missed. I heard that while I was away Yuck went about patting a bunch of storage bloggers on the back - I guess I don't even rate condesention...oh, well...shall endeavor to be more painful in the future.

A guy named James wanted to post a comment about my trade show suggestions - I rejected it because he's a marketing consultant of some sort who wanted to plug his website. But, it turns out I am an idiot. According to Jame, the only thing that matters in IT today is credibility. Wearing bright shirts doesn't get you cred. Better to be the quiet one in the corner, oozing cred. It seems we marketing fluffballs have lost sight of the truth - If you offer real value (and have lots of cred), the market will line up at your booth. In fact, all you really need is a fax number for the PO's to start pouring in. After all, that's all Google and Apple need to do, right.

You - tiny little, cred oozing, startup that you are - can't do better than copy both of them. So ignore my previous advice, please, and quietly ooze cred.

I just came back from VMworld this week. Guess what the VMware folks were wearing...screaming green and prison orange shirts...

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