Thursday, March 25, 2010

Now a word about the relevancy of File Virtualization

Having just discussed the ninny-ness of calling something relevant, now you can call me, Old Storage Ninny (OSN).

First, let's establish my cred before I start jumping up and down screaming that File Virtualization is relevant.

I am speaking for myself here – not my employer. While acknowledging that I work for a company that sells file virtualization technology, I want to be clear that my position here is mine – it’s personal this time. Sure, I want my employer to succeed, but I am speaking now from the heart, and from my 30 years of storage industry experience.

Irrelevant is the hardest word

"What do I do to make you love me?  What have I got to do to be heard?”
© 1976 Big Pig Music Limited

In ’76, Elton John tried to convince us “Sorry” was the hardest word. He was wrong.

If you want to hurt someone or something – the 2010 attack of choice is to declare him or it ‘Irrelevant’.

Two months after a stunning win that rocked the entire USA, Scott Brown was declared irrelevant by the media yesterday.

ir•rel•e•vant (ĭ-rěl'ə-vənt) adj. Unrelated to the matter being considered. having no bearing on or connection with the subject at issue

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Duper Deduper (for iTunes on Windows7)

I made the mistake of turning on Home Sharing in the iTunes version 9.1.3 (don't do this...).

The OSG family has about 10 computers lying around the home network, just waiting to pounce.  In no time, my poor iTunes library was flooded with multiple copies of musical bilge - seriously what in heaven's name are those kids listening, too?  (and Watching!!! - but that's another blog for another day...).

I found I had 12 versions of Dream On, , and Paperback Writer was written is 18 places on my drowning disk drive - I was Suddenly Numb (17 versions/copies).

I started to manually remove them - ever tried that in iTunes?  About every 3rd delete it makes you confirm that you really, yes, really, I said REALLY, gd it!!, want to move the file to the recycle bin.  Who wrote that damn feature?  After 10 minutes I gave up - seriously considered deleting the whole thing and starting over...

Before pulling the red cord, I checked around online for an iTunes friendly deduper.  Not an easy task if you run W7.  A superstar named Doug Adams wrote some brilliant shareware script for this - "Corral iTunes Dupes AppleScript 7" - but it only runs on Apple.  Molesoft will let you download a free version of  Duplicate File Finder, but that only tells you the baby's ugly - it doesn't actually DO anything.  You have to pay up if you want to actualy fix your problem.  I have no problem paying for software - but it isn't worth $$ to me to dedupe iTunes.  I am irritated, but not incapacitated.

Finally tripped over a duper-souper, wicked-pissa FREE (well, voluntary contribution model) deduper that works fine with Windows7 iTunes, called  Meta-iPod.  Actually it does much more than dedupe.  It analyzes your library, determines ratings, checks and fixes mismatched metadata (more on this in a minute), finds lost tracks, locates album artwork, and dedupes.  It is really coolio, awesome - seriously.

The artwork search is extensive - this thing searches all over the world for album art and gives you a dozen choices for each album.  If the metadata's right, it will automagically add artwork for each song on the album at once - which saves you doing it individually. Its still a hump if you have lots of albums - and each person will have to determine how much work its worth, but its definitely fun to mess around.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I am a Stay-at-Home Failure

The OSG family Wife/Homemaker/Mom is on vacation this week. Visiting her mom and grandmom down in FLA. Sleeping late, sunning at the pool, maybe taking a stroll, living large, taking it easy.

Meanwhile, the rest of the OSG family is teetering dangerously close to derailing.

There is no food in the house. Someone clogged and overflowed a toilet upstairs. Sister needs rides to cheerleading at the same time Brother needs rides to the hockey banquet. Dad has saddle sores from driving errands and shuttling teenagers. The dog is still at the kennel from last week’s trip because no one has the time or inclination to go retrieve her. One of the cars is stuck in the garage with a dead battery. We missed the weekly trash pickup. Everyone is running low on underwear and sox. First spawn needs help packing for his school trip to Russia. Somebody’s girlfriend is coming over this afternoon, and we were just informed there is a middle school party here this weekend??

Calendar is showing 7 work-related conference calls today – silly season looms, couple of very pressing issues, some routine stuff, and about a dozen live projects on the burner.

Friend of ours is a homemaker/dad – wife’s a mucky-muck in perfumes or something. I love the guy, seems so relaxed, funny. Whenever we get together, I chuckle and tease Mrs. OSG about his ‘arrangement’ – ‘gee, I wish my wife would take care of me like that…I’d love to stay home, get my nails done, and watch some Soaps’…

OK, God – I get the message.

Final errand before she gets home will be a stop at the Jewelry store.

But first I gotta get the dog.