Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Why We Are Patriots

Boston is a tough little town – always has been.

We face down Mother Nature’s worst - blizzards, hurricanes, fire, and floods (both water and molasses).

And human nature’s worst - unjust rulers, criminals, bigots, and downright scoundrels. 

A decade ago, we faced the devil incarnate. 

Every time we walk through American Airlines Gate B32, we get a shiver up our spine knowing the bastard himself was right there at 7am on September 11, 2001.  Walking down the same jet way.  Breathing the same air.

Yesterday, we faced him again. 

Whose body he possessed this time - what color skin, what religion the poor fool followed, what country he lived in before the devil hopped on board – all that is irrelevant. 

People don’t do this.  Religions don’t do this.  Countries don’t do this. 

Evil does this. 

Only pure, unadulterated, evil. 

We Bostonians hate evil.  We hate it in errant kings, corrupt politicians, crime bosses, busing bigots, gang bangers, preying priests, marathon cheaters, and baby-shakers. 

Now we hate it in IED detonators, too.

Now, every time we walk through Copley Square (because we will, you bastard),

Every time we take our kids to skate on Frog Pond (because we will, you bastard),

Every time ride the elevator to the top of the Pru, take in a game at Fenway, or race in the Head of the Charles (BECAUSE WE WILL, YOU BASTARD),
We will get a shiver up our spine knowing you were here, on April 15, 2013, walking down the same sidewalk, breathing the same air.

The Oxford Dictionary defines a Patriot as a person actively opposing enemy forces occupying their country.  We are patriots.  Boston survives because we will not allow the enemy to occupy our town. 

While we are rallying, ranting, raving, and proclaiming today - let’s please, please remember that this time, just like every other time, the enemy is nothing more, and nothing less, than evil itself.

We send our hearts to the injured, our pride to those who ran forward, our hope to the future.

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