Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pull Up Your Socks

The founding fathers are once again lying face up in their graves, with knowing smiles on their skulls.

This is exactly how it was supposed to work. When one side or another gets too far out of line, the system swings back.

Here are ten things I would tell my kids today if they still listened to me:

  1. Trump loves his family, just like we love you. 
  2. He wants the best for all American's, including our family.
  3. He will make it easier for businesses to create jobs for people like us, so more people will be able to earn money, take pride in their work, and stay out of trouble.
  4. He will make it harder for bad people, especially bad people who sell drugs, shoot innocent kids and police, and who are making our inner cities very scary places for the people who live there. 
  5. He will chase away many of those really, really bad people, so they can’t hurt us.
  6. He will not chase away people just because they are different, only people who are bad and want to hurt us.
  7. Just like we tell you to work hard and always do your best, he will reward people who work hard, and make sure people who are lazy won’t be rewarded.
  8. He will make sure we are safe by strengthening the people who protect us.
  9. Just like we lock the doors to our house, he will lock the doors to our country so only good people can get in.
  10. He will sit with the unpopular people at lunch, so they don’t have to sit alone.

Now, pull up your socks, blow your nose, and get on the bus.

Everything will be fine. 

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